Bipersonal by Gianmaria Giannetti – Gianmaria Giannetti VS Giannetti Gianmaria.

Bipersonal by Gianmaria Giannetti

Gianmaria Giannetti VS Giannetti Gianmaria

by Fabrizio Fontana

Opening June, 23rd2023 7:00 pm

June23rd – July16th2023
Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea
Piazzetta Cattedrale, Historical Centre, Ostuni

Galleria Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea presents on Friday June 23rd, 2023 at 7.00 pm. the fourth project in the newly created project room. The exhibition is a personal exhibition by the artist Gianmaria Giannetti curated by Fabrizio Fontana, another artist represented by the same gallery. The ‘game’ of interchanging roles between artist and curator is once again proposed, and this time it is Fabrizio Fontana to assume the role of curator for Giannetti’s exhibition.

Gianmaria Giannetti through the words of Fabrizio Fontana:

There is no version of Gianmaria Giannetti having a beer with friends other than that of Gianmaria Giannetti having a coffee with a curator or collector. There is no Giannetti who goes shopping different from a Giannetti who visits an exhibition and his calls to his children have a language code identical to those anyone else can make. Giannetti’s uniqueness lies entirely in his being authentic, pure and never circumstantial or, worse, an artifact, fake as many tend to be, especially among the so-called operators of the art world in which I include artists as well as critics, curators, gallery owners, etc. Such an authentic personality can only give life to as many works that communicate both authenticity and uniqueness with the same pictorial intensity. In fact, his works start from an experimentation with materials, colours, inserted objects, signs and words creating a world suspended between the surreal, poetry and philosophy, sometimes bordering on no sense. An attack on our contemporary society is staged in his works. This attack hides behind a facade of respectable comforts an infinite world of squalid insignificance and lack of content … the important thing is to appear and not to be! In this way, from his works aberrant figures peep out, caricatures of men honoured with medals but mediocre, shown in their magnificence from which, however, the horror transpires.

The protagonists of Giannetti’s painting are these stylized human figures, curious and irreverent characters, shapeless beings who provoke the viewer but who know how to be, at the same time, poetic and with a philosophical/intellectual attitude. A somewhat Fellinian world, animated by strange, iconic characters clearly recognizable in its pictorial style, who tell us with irony and lightness the atrocities of the world, now, more than ever.

Giannetti, in his works as in his life, is neither against anyone nor in favour of anyone else. Giannetti can only be against Giannetti, as he tells us in the title of his bipersonal show in the corridors of Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea in Ostuni. Giannetti in his making art freezes his authenticity in the work and does everything to make his own life a work of art and this is perhaps only possible for those who combine their own authenticity with talent and work.

In a society where everything is usually labelled, reduced with just a few or worse, just one word, Gianmaria can certainly be summarized as such: authentic.

Fabrizio Fontana

Bipersonal by Gianmaria Giannetti

Gianmaria Giannetti VS Giannetti Gianmaria

by Fabrizio Fontana

Inauguration 23 June 2023 at 7.00 pm

June 23rd – July 16th 2023

Opening night will feature:

Miriam Totire (dancer)

Alberto Totire (djset | electronic music)

Stefano Pando Cardaropoli (performer)

Giancarlo Ceglie (mimic art)

Giannetti Gabriele (composer| electronic music)

Gianmaria Giannetti


Piazzetta Cattedrale (centro storico) 72017 Ostuni (Br)

Tel. 0831.335373 – Cell. 348.8032506

F: Orizzontiartecontemporanea

Communication Manager

Amalia Di Lanno



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