Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea

Chasing a dream, my gallery was born in 2006 in the heart of Ostuni, the famous White City.

The Gallery

Chasing a dream, my dream: this is how my gallery, Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea, was born in 2006, in the heart of the White City of Ostuni, Puglia.
As a restless and curious wanderer, I have always dreamt of bringing here in Puglia a little taste of the huge artistic panorama of the world, and Puglia is yet a space renowned for its art and history.
During my various travels around the world, I have always considered Art as an inextinguishable source of social culture and historic knowledge, and as an infinite source of happiness, pleasure and satisfaction, feelings which I lose myself in every time I enter a museum, an art gallery or every time I get in touch with any kind of artistic form.

All the experiences I have been through have pushed me to dream of realizing a special place in my home territory to be filled in with the touching Beauty of art and art inspiration. My dream was to offer to all the casual guests, tourists and curious ones, wandering around during their holidays of relax and pleasure, the possibility of suddenly breathing a colourful breeze, vibrant of emotions that reach straight their hearts and their silent and perhaps unknown interior world. A mixture of Apulian taste, made of joy and happiness, however with the guaranteed sign of quality, artistic professionality and non-native pictorial style.

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Our Events

Ezia Mitolo – Frangibile

Ezia Mitolo – Frangibile

Frangibile, è il titolo della mostra a cura di Ilaria Caravaglio, la prima di una serie di esposizioni che si susseguiranno con un calendario parallelo a quello dell’attività della sede storica della galleria -accanto alla Concattedrale della città bianca- rendendo finalmente concreto un intenso desiderio dell’art director Maria Gabriella Damiani.

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