Ufuk Boy e Doğu Çankaya – Fly inwards fly homewards

13 July – 7 August 2024

fly inwards fly homewards

curated by Ipek Çankaya

Inauguration 13 July 2024 at 20:00

13 July – 7 August 2024

Horizons Contemporary Art

Piazzetta Cattedrale, Old Town, Ostuni

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The curatorial approach of the exhibition celebrates the inward turning of the convened artists to reflect on the issues of home/homeland, the continuing dilemma of our times. This approach is an invitation to explore the actual or psychological paths that lead homeward, the reflections of experiencing different places in the short or long term, and the companionship that fosters this journey.

Our contemporary age is marked by different modes of changing places and challenges in new geographies where people make their home. Some journeys are initiated by crises, others by the deliberate search of the individual.

The curatorial enquiry of the exhibition is interested in the poetic representation of situations of potential crisis, focusing on the human element rather than political theories of conflict. It explores the visual representation of the sense of freedom and the hope for a better life in a new place.

The exhibition also seeks to visually articulate personal and cultural needs and the dynamics of possible community support, and any other factors that contribute to the journey home or homeward.

Keywords of this theme are learning to fly, the sense of liberty, the roads to go, the voyager, the migrant, being at home, being abroad, and companionship.

The sensations that the exhibition put light on are the basic human sensibilities such as hope, desire, curiosity, concern, pain, and solidarity which remain the same regardless of time or geography.

Ipek Çankaya

The exhibition is in collaboration with Halka Art Project Turkey

Visiting hours

Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Sunday mornings only



Piazzetta Cattedrale (historic centre)

72017 Ostuni (Br)

Tel. 0831.335373 – Cell. 348.8032506 –

F: Orizzontiartecontemporanea

Communication Manager

Amalia Di Lanno –

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