Rossana Borzelli & Vania Elettra Tam – Silences

Data Evento: September, 9th – September 30th, 2023

Rossana Borzelli & Vania Elettra Tam – Silences
by Francesca Romana Marino
Opening September, 9th 7:00 pm

September, 9th – September 30th, 2023

Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea
Piazzetta Cattedrale, Historical Centre, Ostuni

The last exhibition of the summer season that Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea Gallery in Ostuni presents in the Project Room, on Saturday, September 9th 2023 at 7.00 pm, is a two-person female exhibition entitled Silences. The exhibition, curated by Francesca Romana Marino, places the works of Rossana Borzelli and Vania Elettra Tam in dialogue, investigating intimate themes concerning depths and emotional states in a different way. Muffled silences in which the beauty of human fragility is immediately perceived.

“Only in the silence you can hear the whisper of my soul” is the name of the work that started this latest series by Rossana Borzelli in a silent dialogue with the works of Vania Elettra Tam.

Rossana Borzelli has always created “portraits” on the most diverse supports, wood, ancient doors, iron, canvas, paper. She portrays faces, hands, people and, with their intense looks and expressions, gestures, movements, hugs, interaction, sometimes even just hinted at with a stroke, oscillating between realism and abstraction, they welcome the viewer. He/she begins to wonder in silence about those people, about their interiority, about the emotions and feelings that led the artist to paint that work; all this in silence, because it is in silence that thoughts come to life.

A pause of silence, a thread that ties together the broken fragments.
I find myself in the lonely blue of the night
or by the light of a lamp
which protects me like a nest from the surrounding darkness
sometimes absorbed in the smoke of a cigarette.
As the pause is the vital background of the action,
thus, silence is the fruitful void from which sound emerges.
I need breaks to savour my days,
like a dream to give voice to the night.
R. Borzelli

The research of the artist Vania Elettra Tam constantly revolves around the female world, exposing some themes that are now so dear to her, such as the discomfort and difficulty of integrating women into a world that is not designed for them. In this case, however, the artist partially abandons the playful irony that distinguishes her pictorial code, giving us works depicting silent women immersed in glass bowls who, surrounded by fish and isolated from the world, float in their own internal reality, protected by the external one. In fact, these women live parallel, surreal lives in the company of ephemeral surrogates, compensation for a life that is not satisfactory. The propensity is evolution, for which these fluid and silent women like fish find the courage to listen to each other, to question themselves and to face themselves, following the difficult path of authenticity and becoming, through delicate and glassy nuances with marine tones, one with the fish themselves. And so those fish, as spectators, become co-protagonists of the work, symbols of a unique evolutionary path. The Silences are prevalent; hence the title of the exhibition. And the way out is Evasion, as suggested by the title of the work that closes the exhibition. Pictorially in these finely painted works, the artist Tam reaches a chromatic lightness that confirms her pictorial and sign maturity.

Rossana Borzelli & Vania Elettra Tam – Silences

by Francesca Romana Marino

Opening September, 9th 7:00 pm

From September, 9th to September, 30th 2023

Piazzetta Cattedrale (Historical Centre)
72017 Ostuni (Br)
Tel. 0831.335373 – Cell. 348.8032506
F: Orizzontiartecontemporanea
Communication Manager
Amalia Di Lanno

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