Fabrizio Fontana – Words for jiokare, words for creating, words for destroying

Data Evento: May 27th – June 20th 2023

Fabrizio Fontana
words for jiokare
words for creating
words for destroying

by Gianmaria Giannetti

Opening May, 27th 2023 6:00 pm
May 27th – June 20th 2023

Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea
Piazzetta Cattedrale, Historical Centre, Ostuni

Galleria Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea presents the third project of the newly created project room on Saturday May 27th 2023 at 6:00 pm. It is a solo exhibition of the artist Fabrizio Fontana curated by Gianmaria Giannetti, another artist represented by the same gallery. It is a ‘game’ that both have sensibly conceived and which, with playful seriousness, they propose by interweaving and inverting the role of the artist-curator and the curator-artist, as envisaged in the solo exhibition of Gianmaria Giannetti, scheduled for June, curated by Fabrizio Fontana.

Here’s how the curator-artist Gianmaria Giannetti introduces the work of Fabrizio Fontana (F.F.):

The Game. Jiokare or Giocare

Fabrizio Fontana uses material and literary expedients and perspectives to give us new, three-dimensional visions.

I was struck by what Fabrizio once told me: I want to punch the viewer. Through what? Through different languages – layers of languages.

Apparently, Fontana’s work/effort seems to be just a Game.

Instead, he uses real, and not quite properly, Kinder egg treats to play with the game. The artist uses the little surprises that would be immediately abandoned by the child.

Those Kinder egg surprises are therefore useless, and this uselessness is like art.

Therefore, art is useless just like those Kinder egg toys abandoned by children.

Art as art must be useless.

This happens because deep down we cannot compare art to a tool, art is not a hammer: it is something hidden, mysterious.

Art is to be discovered within the art itself; it could be compared to entering a small cave where eternal stalagmites, stalactites and miracles are hidden. You enter slowly. Human-artists try to make art: they have to try, and the effort is their miracle.

Gilles Deleuze said – we must try to bring art, literature, cinema and theatre into philosophy to create new concepts, new words.

And that is exactly what Fabrizio Fontana is trying to do, to create new concepts and words.

The work of art becomes a work of art when the artist’s life and his work are the same thing, they coincide. Those vital attempts and efforts must coincide, in order to create something by exploiting the inner need of the artist so dear to Kandinsky. In this way, art, by its intrinsic nature, is deterritorialized, becoming delirious.

The artist must therefore feel his creativity and musicality within his body, his soul and the soul of the world or God, and by using this mysterious force (indefinite / indefinable / irreconcilable) become the intermediary between God and Earth.

Fabrizio Fontana does not use logic but delirium to reach new possibilities.

He proposes his own vocabulary and with this vocabulary, Jiokabolario, he makes us understand the meaning of the words, the contradictions of the words themselves.

Therefore, three-dimensional superficiality becomes another world to land on.

The viewer, apparently, enters the work only with his eyes but in reality, he enters the work only through his instinct: the instinct of reason and of the heart with the K.

Gianmaria Giannetti

Fabrizio Fontana

words for jiokare
words for creating
words for destroying

by Gianmaria Giannetti

Opening May, 27th 2023 6:00 pm
May 27th – June 20th 2023

Piazzetta Cattedrale (centro storico) 72017 Ostuni (Br)
Tel. 0831.335373 – Cell. 348.8032506
F: Orizzontiartecontemporanea
Communication Manager
Amalia Di Lanno



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