Tarek Waked is a Lebanese-born artist, architect, and designer currently based in Italy. With an academic background in architecture, they practice as an interior designer, focusing on high-end luxury, and are the creative force and founder of Tally Marks, a sophisticated and innovative brand of accessories and jewelry.

In the 2020s, Waked embarked on a journey of artistic self-discovery through the medium of digitally edited and hand-cut collages, which reflect their cosmopolitan experience, their interest in questioning tradition as well as Modern and contemporary artistic and commercial imagery, and their fascination with reconsidering the many intersections of art, architecture, interior design, and haute couture

In an era marked by the appropriation and the recycling of existing images, Waked uses his multidisciplinary skills to create a masterful amalgam of images driven by intuition, a sense of construction, and an eye for composition and color. The seemingly disparate elements and chance encounters come together to tell new stories through provocative imagery that challenges the viewer›s perceptions of identity, gender, and beauty, with a focus on reconsidering one’s gaze. With their second exhibition, Waked confirms their status as a rising talent in the contemporary art world.


Art work

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