Stéphane Braud, French men, born in Libourne in 1955, began his artistic career with the watercolors of Creole huts on Reunion Island and Mauritius, where he spent a large part of his youth. Subsequently he embarked us on a extraordinary adventure of underwater painting, make us discovering the seabed of the Indian Ocean and other incredible sites ranging from the Caribbean through the British Virgin Islands to Belize.
His artistic journey influenced by his personal life, he continues to transport us into the exotism, this time throught out the painting of the doors of Morocco where he settled from 2010 to 2016 but also, throught those of the magnificent Venice during its brief passages in the little streets of the “Queen of the Adriatic”. This is how he got caught up in the “Commedia dell’arte” game and prepared his installation project in Italy, where he has been producing his collection of “pigment pots” for 3 years now, a new concept resulting from all his work experiences on matter and with matter and representing a marvelous marriage between pure pigments and metal, his supports no longer being simple canvases but metal supports with which he knew how to play to obtain pots that seem really good real, timeless objects that do not experience planned obsolescence.

This is how we can admire, a myriad of colors exposed in compositions of original works of identical dimensions (35x35cm) forming a single wall panel to customize endlessly. The power of the work, a reflection of human society in its diversity, is thus increased tenfold, by the representation, through each moving pot, of the human being in his singularity.

Artistic works

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