A multifaceted personality, from Treviso, Paolo Loschi has distinguished himself since the beginning of his artistic career for his passionate creativity outside the box. After attending the Liceo musicale in his younger years, he changed course to devote himself entirely to the figurative arts. The musical sensitivity he acquired, however, had strong repercussions on the lyrical and gestural tendency of his pictorial language, so much so that he called himself ‘a painter with a good ear’.
He made his mark on the public very early on for his incisive and analytical, sarcastic and introspective sign, capable of investigating and bringing out the intimacy of his subjects and pushing expressive figurativism to extremes.

“After my studies in music, I turned my attention to the visual arts. My artistic work was derived from observing painting and graphics in the Venetian landscape, while my use of colour is influenced by southern Spain. My works have been exhibited in Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, Berlin and New York.
I am still connected to music and engaged in collaborations through action painting and set design.
I am one who talks to paintings… they are my paintings.
The blank canvas scares everyone but if you have a good structure you can defeat it.
I think that the use of colour starts from the impasto as the old masters teach, and then because I like the smell of turpentine in linseed oil, for me it is a fetish is like meeting a beautiful woman every time I uncork a new bottle of oil.
By constructing colour you get totally into the part because every oxide, every pigment in modernity are chemicals and for each there is a physical reaction… cadmium yellow gives you nervousness, red excitement, blue stasis.
Looking at a painting is like walking in a meadow, you step on the grass, but if you stop and sit down, you get ants…
For me, my life is endless, I have no barriers… music then is everywhere and I would say that as a painter, I have a really good ear. (P. L.)


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