Nicola Zamboni was born in Bologna in 1943, after his studies and military service, he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna but unhappy with the climate and the relationships with the teachers decided to abandon the third year and traveling to England to get to know the famous sculptor Henry Moore. Was a guest of the great artist for about a month and return to Italy was faced with the great expectations and desires that the meeting had aroused in him. He found a suitable place to welcome his enthusiasm and began a new production of large-scale works that could be placed in some parks on the outskirts of Bologna. In the early eighties his figure of “social artist” was already well established and most of the public places of the belt of Bologna and became not only the undisputed headquarters of his works. During this period much intensified its production which was often interrupted by commissions from individuals but despite this the ultimate expression of the artist continued to define itself more and more in public works.
In 1988 he was called to perform a sculpture for the city of Mito in Japan. Following this experience, he was invited in several countries abroad to perform some works for the Italian communities among these: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Australia. Among the materials that are contemplated in the work of Nicola Zamboni find the cement present in most of the early works, stone and marble, tile, wood and copper, the latter widely used in public works since 1995. With the use of copper also changes the language of the artist. Another important element in the life of Nicola Zamboni is teaching, he began teaching at the Academy in Bologna as an assistant alongside the sculptor Fifth Ghermandi himself to become a teacher in 1995. He taught for seven years at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera and there he met Sara Bolzani in 1997. Finding her artistic talents of decides to make her work for some works with other students. From these early collaborations was to create a true partnership between Nicola Zamboni and Sara Bolzani made since 2000 and to date we can contemplate the creation of many works are collaborative. In addition to the public works Nicola began with Sara a large sculptural project outside of commissions both public and private, this work covers the construction of thirty horses and knights in battle, a sort of allegory of modern times. These works have been exhibited in several exhibitions among which the one held at the Rocca di Cento in 2006. For now arrived nearly half of the company. Such works can be visited in their studio in Sala Bolognese.


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