Massimo Barlettani’s artistic research has developed from abstract painting into a figurative redefinition of iconic elements, particularly female figures and natural elements.
Today, his works all tell of a living nature, through the spectacularity of its most communicative elements: flowers.

Flowers have an attractive, life-giving power due to their flamboyance, and this is how they are able to spread spores and perpetuate life. In fact, almost presences, a bit like apparitions, rarefied and suggestive images, Barlettani’s works capture a powerful beauty with almost photographic compositional cuts but with a technique that brings painting back to the centre of the artistic work.

Continuous professional contact with international photographers and artists and his innate sensitivity have led him to develop a very personal technique over time.

Massimo Barlettani has been involved in art publishing with ‘Zeta Scorpii Editore’.
In 1989 he founded the B & A agency, winning numerous awards for creativity.
In 2014 he presented the “Polline” project at the Uoll of Florence with an exhibition curated by Roberto Milani and Filippo Lotti.
In 2015 it was at the Galleria il Gioiello di Lodi with an exhibition curated by Mauro Gambolò, at Palazzo Stella for the Biennale d’Arte in Genoa by Mario Napoli, at Villa Rescalli Villoresi Dario Mellone Museum, Busto Garolfo Milano with United Factories, at Nautilus di Capri with the FDA Project by Susanna Gargiulo and the Triennale of Milan for a show sponsored by EXPO Milano 2015 entitled “The Network of Nature”, a video-editing curated by Viacheslav Zakharov, at Tim4Expo Space.

The works of Barlettani are already present in important collections.
The artist lives and works in Cerreto Guidi (Fi).




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