Luca Bellandi was born in Livorno in 1962. He attended the Art Institute in Pisa and in 1985 he graduated at the Art Academy of Florence. Start from the classics, then later discover the art and the American underground. The artist from Livorno has established itself with a dense series of exhibitions in Europe and the United States who have seen him collect success and acclaim of audiences and critics, and recognized him as one of the most interesting artists in the contemporary art scene.
Since 1994 and ‘artistic director of the Visual Arts sector at the cultural association “Atelier of the Arts” in Livorno, where he teaches painting and drawing. Present a solo exhibition at the Museum MUMI Michetti in Francavilla in 2007. In the last artistic period there is the essence of his work that combines different historical times and synthesizes painting and writing: he tells stories through a personal language. Deliberately excludes the figures, people, but telling their stories through what they wear, what they use, through objects that define us. The dress is a symbol, is the story of the person, distinguished races, nationalities, he used to wear the same clothes search histories, different entities.
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