Lorenzo Crivellaro (Milan, 1961) is an Italian artist, designer and advertiser.
A multifaceted character, Lorenzo Crivellaro is a painter who has always been fascinated by the combination of dexterity and creativity, which led him to a continuous search for styles, subjects and materials until he found a matured balance and then stabilized in what are his most recent works .
Crivellaro’s unique works and art prints, with evident Pop art influences, are a tribute to the everyday life of a calming and serene past where the characters of the Carousel, historical brands, products, comics and icons of a consumerism at the beginning and to say “innocent”, they come back to life like never-dormant sweets of a child; the generation a Milanese artist to which he belongs, in fact, in a world the media bombardment accompanied did not exist and discreetly advertised everyone’s life.
On very material canvases, prepared with stucco and cement, the painter Crivellaro intervenes by focusing and giving new life to the fragments of his and our recent history, in expertly constructed and studied compositions of great pleasure.
The artist’s name is associated with the original representations of Coca-Cola in art: the sugary drink is the product par excellence and the advertising connected to it is a real creation shared by many generations in other patrimonies in other countries. For this ability to review subjects so well known and appreciated in a contemporary key, Crivellaro is much loved by the public and his works are exhibited in many galleries, therefore his prices are growing.

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