From the exhibition “Surrealisma” – Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea – September 2013 Of suspended time, a silence far away, a past and a future that does not exist, it is that which speaks to us Jolanda Spagno with his “Sùrrealisma” where two watchful sentinels, soft, sweet, offering to do transporters through white forests for entry into another dimension and suspended of today.
And once again, the journey is the star of this show, however, an unusual journey, a trip to the Present but inner search of themselves, leaving through the fears and the courage to “go over” into the unknown, to the unknown, towards a “Here and Now” introspective. Accepting the challenge, the opportunity, opens us to other worlds and suddenly the time no longer runs horizontally forward or backward, it rises and sinks vertically in the Here and Now… the anxieties vanish and a sweet and hushed stillness surrounds us; in front of us white worlds and the depths of silence, water, leaves … in the here and now all is calm, all is natural, everything is neat and tidy, everything is water, everything is air, everything is life and finally it turns out that this is the only time we have and it is the only time that is really worth living.

Surrealisma, Spazio Purgatorio anno 2013


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