Harvey B-Brown is an award-winning director, creative director, musician, art director and production designer. After graduating from the prestigious Royal College of Art in London, he founded “The New Renaissance”, a fusion of high fashion and various cinematographic collaborations with famous artists including George Michael, Bryan Ferry and the Scissor Sisters. He designed and installed iconic display cases for Harvey Nichols, Liberty and Henri Bendels in New York. He has musicalized important fashion events and exhibitions in London, Milan and Tokyo and his musical promotional work has defined a real genre. He has also collaborated with important newspapers and high-fashion magazines including ID, The Sunday Times Style, The Face and Elle. David Scheinmann is an artist working in the field of photography and cinema. He graduated with honors in photography, film and television at The London Institute. David has a career as an established international photographer behind him, punctuated by numerous international awards for the creative originality of advertising images and mainly in the entertainment sector where he has signed collaborations with artists such as Peter Gabriel, Enya and Cher, as well as with The Royal Ballet Opera and various Shakespearean companies. During this time, David’s work has been viewed by millions of people with his iconic images of the average consumer culture through magazines, billboards, albums, CD covers, movies and theatrical posters. Today David, through his photography and through three feature films of which he is the director, continues to explore the themes of iconography, popular culture and cultural identity, pursuing a personal research that better defines ourselves through stories and images.
Adored and Adorned is a project composed of a series of photographic and multimedia meta-portraits created in collaboration by the two artists whose work they affirm: ‘We have noticed how photography is now increasingly part of our daily life with an infinite number of images taken and promptly filed without giving an intrinsic value to the photo itself, so we thought of giving a narrative quality to each of our photographs, improving the value of the subject’s identity, while maintaining a certain iconography. We started taking photographs of people with whom we had a strong emotional connection, then adorning the images, later, with materials and trappings that tell the story of the subject portrayed, jokingly referring to contemporary family iconography. The photographic prints are transformed into three dimensions, using paints, inks, collage and sculpting techniques, then further enhanced with the technology in post-production phase. The resulting images can be defined as “Meta-portraits”, or the transformation of the traditional photographic portrait into a construction of engaging and inspired representations; then here is the reason for the name of the series and of the exhibition, Adorati e Adornati “. The A & A Editions series exhibited in the gallery is a unique collection of numbered and raised prints of some famous people and domesticated and domesticated animals.
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