I live Art in a constant search of my own state of harmony: colors, shapes, repetition and emptiness, caos and order.

My creation are made of hundreds paper butterflies, suspended in nails of different heights and arranged on different composition levels.

Butterflies are just a beginning, chosen as a metaphor, embodying both elegance and
vulnerability. The paper is the main material because it’s the perfect tradeoff between
resistance and frailty. I am fond of old book pages, lost in time or saved from destruction, living again through my art.

Some works are attempt to get a glimpse of something ethereal, beautiful and harmonic, other works focus on the never ending battle between immobility and dynamicity, framed in a tridimensional and ghostly architecture. My butterflies move at the most feeble wind blowing, nevertheless they are tragically fixed by nails.

Chaos, order, movement, immobility, freedom and interdependence: they all belong to who I am: a decorator and an craftsperson.

Artistic works

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