After a long career in Paris, Emilio D’Elia has returned to his native San Pietro Vernotico (BR) and here he has welcomed with great enthusiasm the invitation to collaborate with Ostuni gallery. Reflecting on a universal exhibition vision, the artist practices an exercise of infinity, and he symbolically opens, from the historic center of the White City of Ostuni, the doors of a silent art to the roar of visitors and tourists arriving from all over the world.

At the center of the artist’s research there is the profound attraction for energy and matter, planets, stars and the indissoluble link between the micro and macrocosm. In the lightness and poetry of the paper one can appreciate even more the delicacy and the aura of sacredness, as well as that strong vibration and uncontainable vital energy that distinguish D’Elia’s works.

His works always trigger an immense sense of serenity and at the same time an intense capacity for internal and external observation emerges. D’Elia manages to capture the nuances of a profound intimacy in which the observer is able to reflect and reflect. On the other hand, meditation and reflection are crucial in his work as essential life practices in helping to develop a better consciousness.

Emilio D’ Elia’s hope, as can be seen from the closing of the critical text by Ilaria Caravaglio, curator of the exhibition “sheltered from the noises of the world” running in the gallery from 18 May to 13 June 2024, is that we can grasp the Great message that brings this exhibition: “we are living in a ferocious world, of great confusion, a Babel-like state in which man no longer sees man but what matters is that despite the passing of the years, every morning I look in the mirror and recognize myself and know that that is Emilio, a conscious passenger of this existence”.


Emilio D’Elia. After studying at the Art School and the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce, Emilio D’Elia, born in San Pietro Vernotico in 1958, moved to Rome for several years, settling permanently in Paris. His first exhibitions date back to the end of the 1980s, and some of these are: “Primovere” – A.A.M. gallery. of Rome, “Mandalaluce” – Agarhe Nisple St Gallen gallery (Switzerland), “Piccolo Formato” – Kouros Gallery of New York, “Celeste” – Damian Bouquet gallery in Paris, “Terre di Cielo” – Italian Cultural Institute – Paris , “Artist’s books” – Demetra gallery – Milan. Emilio D’Elia’s works have been presented at various fairs, including those in Frankfurt, Chicago, Brussels, Artissima (Torino), Arte Verona, Attualissima (Florence) and his works appear in public and private collections including: A.A.M. Collection of Rome, Ferruzzi financial collection – Ravenna, modern and contemporary art collection Accademia Carrara, Bergamo.


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