One quick look at Elisa Muliere’s paintings is enough to lead you into labyrinth of sensations and to make you want to take a closer look at her art. To take a closer look at yourself. One look is enough to discover one’s double, reflected in the mirror, and to visually move through the states of mind that the feminine recognizes and which the artist multiplies. Within the limits of the canvas the subjects manage to isolate emotional scenarios and suspend environments. 
The subjects are surrounded by pictorial halos, spots of color, which are outlines of thoughts, protective and glowing rings. The artist’s ability stems from an illustrative use of painting, where the drawing passes through the narration and reveals the identity. The poetry of her works is evident in Icaro deve cadere, a book which combines drawing and writing, that has been published by GRRRz Comic Art Books in Genoa and has become the first book of a women’s series “L’Invention collective”. When the artist turns to abstraction or concentrates on small paper format, she inflects the pictorial sign by «taking something from the soul». A student of Concetto Pozzati’s, she studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Over the years, drawing on her strong sense of curiosity and her talent as an artist, she has managed to give multiple forms to her artistic research by creating installations, videos, street art and recently sculptures. The works hosted by Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea put us in front of figures that resemble us, revealing the thinking part of us, which is sometimes severe and dark, others impertinent… in colors, like the magnificent ones. Cristina Principale
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