Earth, water and fire come together in an alchemy of elements from which terracotta is derived, in some cases combined with other materials such as steel or wood. In each work, Dario Tarantino renews the ancient sculptural tradition by combining it with contemporary design. He thus creates flexible bodies, rich in harmony but at the same time driven by a saving inner strength which, in the subsequent phases of the artist’s project, will allow them to free themselves, transforming themselves into real all-round sculptures, capable of expressing themselves in their entirety.

«In some figures of Dario Tarantino it seems to see Esther Williams in“ the nymph of the antipodes ”or“ beauties in the bathroom ”. In each work his “vitalism” emerges, a current of thought that exalts life primarily understood as a spiritual phenomenon, beyond its material biological aspect. They are born from water, which with the rite of earth and fire transforms them into terracotta. In each figure he renews the ancient tradition bringing it to the contemporary. His sculptures are typical figures in formation, of great vital force, the strength to hold their heads high when it seems that everything fails, the strength to bear the failures of our time. A force that never leaves the future to the adversaries.

Dario Tarantino, the future claims it in itself ». Mirella Coricciati

“I have always experienced art as a way to express some concepts in an absolutely personal way and these works are for me a game of balance between the conceptual / emotional and aesthetic aspects. The project of the In Sincrono cycle mainly expresses the need that man has, especially in some phases of his life, to get out of certain contexts and change things. This is why we move from the first sculptures, in which the figures are unable to express themselves completely because they only partially emerge from the water, to the last ones which are entirely visible, with a yearning for the joy of freedom and inner strength.
I am the son of Salento, the son of fathers who have always worked the stone. They shape it, transform it and give it back its life. I grew up in this environment and it is here that I encountered art, the same art that I studied as a boy and which I now embody, as an adult, in the forms of clay. I feed on this art and through this art I discover the presence of that same mystery that creates everything and that today guides my hands “. Dario Tarantino

“In Sincrono” project aims to bring energy and the search for freedom, materialized through these figures in training and with a strong emotional impact, to new lands with great artistic ferment.


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