She graduated in 1987 in Illustration at the three-year advanced course of the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan.

From 1988-2001 she worked as a free-lance in the field of ceramic design, designing sketches and decorations for artistic ceramics and collaborating with graphic and screen printing studios.

Since 2002 she has dedicated herself exclusively to painting and drawing and since then she has exhibited regularly in solo and group exhibitions.

Over the years she has used all pictorial techniques, but since 2007 she has specialized in the use of colored pencils, finding with this technique the expressive method most congenial to her and which over the years has allowed her to obtain various awards in national and international awards as well as on covers and articles in specialized magazines, as well as making it her distinctive stylistic trait.

In recent years she has also approached the world of photography, transferring her artistic poetic into fine art photographic images and she has begun to exhibit in exhibitions and awards, immediately obtaining important recognitions. Fascinated then, by images made with the cyanotype technique, an ancient photographic technique, she began to experiment and explore this technique too which she immediately fell in love with, then intervening with pencils and watercolors for a personalized result that are between photography and drawing.

Awarded in various national and international competitions, she won the Targa Oro in the graphics section and the special Faber-Castell prize at the 2007 Arte Prize organized by the magazine Arte Cairo Editore and, for the first time in the history of the prize, she also won the Targa Oro in the 2008 edition.

Her artworks can be found in public and private collections and in the Costa Cruises collection with her several works present on the ships Costa Luminosa, Costa Deliziosa, Costa Fascinosa and Costa Diadema. For some years she have been collaborating with Tecnografica WallCoverings signing wallpapers with her own designs. She live and work in Sassuolo (MO) Italy.



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