Beppe Labianca is an artist who draws inspiration from human nature and his emotions. He is considered a “metaphysical” painter, since his works range from enigmatic iron installations to sculptures that offer true “cut out” and then painted silhouettes, an unprecedented sculpture-painting that arouses amazement for its ingenious simplicity.
The Rebus is at the center of the artist’s philosophy in fact he himself explains: “The common thread of my works is the rebus, those same rebus that my father solved on the” Enigmatic Week “and that I was not able to solve.” Labianca seems to want to transfer that childhood memory into his art by transforming canvases and shapes into rusty iron, into “mysteries, search for joints, things to match, emotions and sensations seemingly meaningless” as he himself explains. His works are full of love and strong sensations, a two-dimensionality that nods to three-dimensionality, painting that completes and winks to the sculpture: in some of his works the sculpted subject is accompanied by the same painted subject, placed behind the sculpture, almost like a mirror. Recurring theme is the memory of childhood, the passing time that reveals its melancholy soul. Born in San Ferdinando di Puglia, he moved to Bari where he attended artistic studies and became part of the artistic and cultural scene with solo and group exhibitions. In the eighties-nineties he directed the cultural center “L’Officina Nuova” with Raffaele Nigro. He made numerous trips, staying for a long time in London, where his painting was approached to that of Francis Bacon, from which he gradually moved away to draw on a form of figurative essentialism, of metaphysical-symbolic approach, in which he concentrated his last experiences. of contemporary art.
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