Bardhyl Alibali is an Albanian-born artist. He approaches art at a very young age and specializes in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. The works of this first phase have a classicist taste, which is influenced by the academic teachings of the regime. Later he moved to Italy, to Florence, where he still lives and works and attends the Academy of Fine Arts.
In the confrontation with artists of different cultures, his painting evolves.
“Attracted by the constructive potential of color, Bardhyl uses the spatula to create material bases dense with luministic effects and contrasts that support a sign texture created with color, preferably applied with syringes, in the manner of Pollock, but customized in order to clearly define the images that conquer the space, acquiring concreteness and dynamism in the representations of urban views, with bicycles leaning against the crumbling walls of some alley in the historic center of Florence, or of shipyards or ports that lead back to the artist’s homeland.
In fact, Bardhyl who is also an excellent draftsman and portraitist capable of investigating the interior of the subject, demonstrates that he knows how to connect the precision and graphic acuity to an expressionist-informal gesture to which he has been able to confer his own artistic identity.
The landscapes shaped by soft almost monochromatic shades ranging from red to the whole range of browns, browns and grays vibrate with a primordial breath, suggesting visions veiled by memory. In the intimate dialogue with nature, profiles and images rise through a grid of chromatic filaments that stretch, overlap and tangle neatly, forming volumetric reliefs and perspective solutions of absolute suggestion.
The artist deeply feels the sense of form and color as elements capable of merging, becoming a single living and throbbing entity. His poetics unfolds around the force of matter, which now thickens and darkens in dissonant combinations, now dissolves and lights up in glimpses of light, following an emotional tension that gives a dynamic trend to the compositions, always in full adherence to the reality in continuous becoming, to that feeling in the immense breath of nature”.

Gabriella Gentilini


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