From the text for the exhibition “Lo sguardo del tempo” – Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea – May 2014 The second event included in the calendar of exhibitions and events for this summer 2014 for the gallery Orizzonti Arte Contemporanea is entrusted to the exhibition entitled “Lo aguardo del tempo” by the artist Alessandro Tofanelli that makes of the landescape the protagonist of his paintings.
Several critics who have written about his work; In fact, in the words of Antonella Serafini: “Alessandro Tofanelli, a painter but also a man of film and television, walking in the landscape since birth. The large park Migliarino was the place of his childhood, the one where he chose to make his dwelling and, even before the subject of his painting, he was and still is, the subject of his documentaries, as well as the main protagonist of his film “. Or are you paying attention to the lines written for him by Silvano Ambrogi: “The vagueness of space and time is proper then both frameworks in which they were represented only natural elements or landscape, both frameworks in which appears a human figure, and tells us that we look at that space and time we are seeing are the exclusive property of those who has painted the picture. This is another way to represent the absolute link that binds the painter Alessandro Tofanelli the places he paints, a way that does not go just for their natural reproduction, but passes through the ability to make those places unrelated to the events of everyday life”. But perhaps what most excites and approaching the world and the mystery of the painting Tofanelli is what transpires from a story by the writer Antonio Tabucchi inspired to own one of his works, in which the “reading” of the painting becomes a reality suspended, unknown, perhaps ever existed, halfway between the dream and the music.
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