Arianna De Nicola, was born in Rome in 1986, where she currently lives and works after spending about ten years in Spain. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and the UMH – Universidad de Bellas Artes Miguel Hernández in Alicante, Spain. Her research focuses on the analysis of the limit and its ability to arouse, at the same time, the will to overcome that border and the uncertainty due to the imminent possibility of failure, referring to the desire and impulse of the human being. The investigation stems from the need to overcome the mental barriers that the social context transmits and from the attempt to reveal instinct, thus implying, beyond the limit, issues such as instability and change as well as the being of matter as well.

In her work monochromatism and the absence of color prevail, highlighting a material minimalism. Moving between performative actions, installation, sculpture, drawing and painting, the artist is interested in the creative possibilities of the limit in relation to movement, or rather to the being
the human being in contemporary society and of the material, of which he proposes to discover deconstruction and transformation.

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